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the work is paramount

I promote this music culture
as a labour of love
a passionate knowing
that this is important

I have no attachment
to what my role is here
as long as I get to listen
& be on that dance floor
it doesn't matter
if I'm anonymous
or a star

I'm happy to simply be a background caretaker
sweeping up after the last DJ
chopping wood
carrying cables

it seems there are other jobs for me to do
and I take them on willingly
as best I can under these unusual circumstances

let's all work together
drop the egoic need for personal power, recognition, or status
& let it all emerge
for the benefit of ALL

let there be trees
let there be music
let there be freedom

NEW Entheos Gathering Website

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Competent Communicator

Today I did my 10th speech in Toastmasters and received my official "Competent Communicator" designation.

I highly recommend checking out the clubs in your area if you are interested in public speaking, performing, or business... keep in mind that each club is different depending on the type of people involved (my club is a fun, high IQ, highly aware yet diverse group) so if the first one you visit isn't a match, the next one might be.

Toastmasters International empowers people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. Through our member clubs, people throughout the world can improve their communication and leadership skills, and find the courage to change.


looking for a Summer adventure?

I am working on the communications and PR for the Entheos Summer Solstice Conference and Festival because I am very passionate about the music and information that will be presented there (as well as the energy that will manifest when all of those like minded types congregate.)

There will be a more flashy website available soon, however I wanted to promote this here now. If you decide to come and we haven't personally met, please come introduce yourself!


From June 22nd to 25th, 2007, the Entheos Summer Solstice Conference and Festival will be held near the scenic Okanagan town of Cherryville, British Columbia.

Entheos will be a showcase of the latest in intelligent electronic music, visionary art, and digital age information. This festival will appeal especially to those who appreciate technology, intellectual exchange, cooperation, consciousness, and an optimistic vie w of the future. The word "Entheos" is Greek for "the divine within."

Two stages will feature a variety of flavours of carefully selected new electronic music as well as professional level visual projections and decor design. The lineup includes several internationally known artists including headliner Human Blue from Sweden ( and representation from cutting edge artistic communities from the West Coast and beyond.

Daytime conference presentations include topics related to new media, cultural evolution, the power of shared intent, shamanic dance, and how sound frequencies can invoke biologically beneficial brain and body states. The proceedings are more than just lectures and are designed to provide an energetic experience to all participants.

Entheos has been consciously created with environmental concerns in mind, including attention to the gathering's impact on the land and the intelligent generation and conservation of energy resources towards future sustainability.

The festival site was selected for its vibrant natural surroundings and features campsites, naturally clean drinking water, and a flowing river.

Tickets are $100 advance or $150 at the gate for four days and three nights of learning, collaboration, and celebration. It is recommended that tickets be purchased in advance as capacity is limited. Bus transportation is available from Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, and Seattle/Bellingham.

More information and online ticket sales are available at the festival's website at

The Entheos Gatherings are put together by the Entheogenetic Label Group ( based on BC's Sunshine Coast.


musical lineup:

Human Blue [live] (Sweden)
Solar (Mexico)
Nystagmus [first live 5.1 Surround Sound performance] (Vancouver)
Adham Shaikh (Nelson)
Osiris Indriya (Seattle)
Noah Pred (Toronto)
Anahata [live] (Vancouver)
Shen [live] (Toronto)
Akhentek [live] (Elphinstone)
Neto [live] (Elphinstone)
Echopilot [live] (Vancouver)
Davila (Mexico)
Basilisk (Toronto)
Gil Shanti (Vancouver)
Dreamweaver (Elphinstone)
Sons of Aurora (Calgary)
RJ Solo (Vancouver)
Nori (Calgary)
Austripin (Vancouver)
Darvin Knorr (Calgary)
Mythril (Vancouver)
Luna (Vancouver)
Nils (Vancouver)
Jay Michael (Vancouver)
Greenchild (Calgary)
Kaminanda (Victoria)
Eyen (Calgary)
Mountain Eyes (Victoria)
Stargirl (Vancouver)
Joshua James (Vancouver Island)
Raq'elf (Elphinstone)
Cloud Dancer (Victoria)
Ariel (Vancouver)

conference presenters:

Sijay James (Elphinstone)
David Aaron (Nelson)
Luna Ravenchilde (Vancouver)
Sobey (Elphinstone)
Akhentek & Byron Dreamweaver (Elphinstone)

decor artists:

Solar (Mexico)
Sri Yantra Space Shaping (Portland)

visual projection artists:

Robert Borecky (Nelson)
Renegage Pixie (Vancouver)
Spoonbender (Vancouver)
Elfmaster (Vancouver)

featured gallery artists:

St. Even (Vancouver)
Simon Haiduk (Vancouver)
doktorj (Vancouver)
Starfield (Vancouver)



remembering emptyness
is the space
before what's next

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from complaining to coming plain

a hazy decision this morning
brought me into a direct reflection of the haze I myself carry
ugly indeed
however it made me see how
I've overidentified with this role
as someone who goes through shit
in order to "help" others
(I've had enough shit)
some kind of insane martyr complex maybe
so for the rest of the evening
time to shut the fuck up
& make music

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perfecting in order to target

I woke up naturally at 5 AM this morning to a marvellous dawn chorus of birds and tested out my new idea of using my morning pages (3 pages of longhand writing first thing in the morning) to work on creative ideas rather than processing my emotional journey (which I'm continuing to do in another notebook.)

I read somewhere that "what you do first you do all day" and I have found that focusing on my emotionality first thing led to a lot of distractions throughout the day, many of which were productive in terms of personal integration, however I would like to move the focus to the work I consider important.

Brainstorming on projects I really want to complete first thing seems to be catalyzing them...



loving the ego

I really enjoy Owen Waters' Infinite Being newsletter and today's issue contains some very insightful information.

Too often when a "spiritual" person attempts to "transcend the ego" they push away very real components of the self that are to be embraced and worked with.

Though "it's all one" at a cosmic level, 3D reality still exists and the ego can be mighty useful in dealing with that...

The Silent Ego
In today's culture, the word ego is usually applied to
dysfunctional personality traits. If a person is controlling,
obnoxious or throws a temper tantrum, their ego is said to be
to blame.

Dysfunctional attributes of the ego all spring from the Old
Reality of separation consciousness. Mankind has spent
thousands of years exploring the effects of separation from
other people, separation from other states of consciousness,
and separation from the spiritual source within.

Separation consciousness causes deep-seated fears; fears that
there will not be enough love, land, or resources. From these
fears spring jealousy, greed and aggression. It is little
wonder that, after thousands of years of nightmarish
consequences, mankind is ready to move on to the healing phase
of existence upon Earth.

The emerging New Reality brings heart-centered consciousness.
The keyword of the new consciousness is integration, not
separation. Over the coming decades and centuries, mankind will
find ways to resolve differences and issues of separation in
ways that are inspired by unconditional love and compassion.
Violence may beget violence, but it is based upon the illusion
of lack. Love begets love and, being based upon a very real
component of Creation, it has the real power.

In the Old Reality, priests would work on being in control of
their congregations by berating them with accusations that they
are worthless sinners. These days, some teachers who claim to
be spiritual berate their audiences with accusations that they
have bad ego problems. In fact, they claim, having any ego at
all is bad, bad, bad. People in the audience, even gentle souls
with wonderful hearts, are then supposed to begin to doubt
themselves. After all, they suppose, the allegedly enlightened
teacher must know better than they. And, so, the worm of
control begins to work its way into their minds.

The New Reality is not about power over anyone. It is about
self-empowerment, about power with everyone. The ego of a
spiritual person is not a problem. It is an essential part of
the human system, created expressly by the Creator of all life
in order for it to experience self-consciousness from an
infinite number of viewpoints.

Infinite Being is the all-encompassing consciousness from
which the universe was created. Everything in the universe is
made of consciousness. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is
each person. Your primary purpose in life is to experience life
from one individual, unique point of view.

You cannot cut off a part of yourself. The ego cannot be cast
away and forgotten. It is your essential sense of identity.
Even if someone were successful in casting away a part of
themself, there would come a time when they would have to
retrieve that lost part and integrate it back into themselves
in a healthy, holistic manner.

You are an expression of Infinite Being as it experiences
itself from all possible viewpoints. The best way you can serve
yourself and Infinite Being, the source within us all, is to
live your life to your own, personal, highest potential. And
celebrate who you are, because there is no one exactly like you
in the entire universe.


learning to be the serenity I wish to see

Here's a video about learning to relax amidst noisy surroundings when one's true priority is Peace.



Today I am tired of words and just want to play the flute.

Today's assignment is writing about birds, so perhaps that is the next best thing...

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discovering new sounds

This website is awesome... type in the name of any group or song you like and it will create a radio station for you featuring similar sounds based on musical characteristics described in something called the Music Genome Project. You can vote on whether you like each song as it comes up and eventually it starts to understand your tastes.

It works for some pretty obscure stuff, which is great. I'm impressed and am finding more of that bluegrassy/folksy stuff I've just started to explore!

Pandora Internet Radio
Ever since we started the Music Genome Project, our friends would ask:

Can you help me discover more music that I'll like? Those questions often evolved into great conversations. Each friend told us their favorite artists and songs, explored the music we suggested, gave us feedback, and we in turn made new suggestions. Everybody started joking that we were now their personal DJs.

We created Pandora so that we can have that same kind of conversation with you.

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