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books I like: "Handbook to Higher Consciousness"

Here's a book I need to read a few more times...


planetary purification


"disengage from looking at the situation"

I've been focusing on a health "problem" that's been seriously stifling me for a few years now and "trying" to fix it. I know see that this so-called problem has been a gift in SO MANY WAYS that has led me to new vistas and understandings. It is important to embrace your pain and avoid victim mentality!

I'm now focused on HONESTLY doing what I can about it and then doing my best to relax and focus on other things (without judging myself for not being perfect about it.) It's working.

Here's a passage from R.L Wing's I-Ching Workbook that helped:

Hexagram 12 (Stagnation)
Relationships will be difficult at this time and you may, in fact, be adrift in a sea of misunderstandings and miscommunications. Hold courageously and unobtrusively to your values and inner confidence, for these times will certainly pass. This is true in matters of health as well. Self-reliance will see you through.


I’ve tried being normal (why live a lie?)

Someone listed as "Unavailable" calls me at 8:30 many mornings and then hangs up.

I wonder if it's randomness or someone who thinks they're "helping" me since I generally don't use an alarm clock and don't work on a "normal" schedule.

They've certainly helped me develop a new habit of shutting my phone off more often.


books I like, episode one

I've decided to start doing more video with the little camera I have rather than waiting for better AV equipment to manifest.

Here's a short book review video for one of my favourite titles on love & relationships:

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One of the strangest and most compelling books I've encountered is The Keys of Enoch. Much of it is more or less incomprehensible (to me as a person at this time) however it is also peppered with yummy insights.

Here's a passage I like...

In breaking through the mechanistic functions of the visual world, the material form is seen as "the housing" for superior consciousness states. In seeing the difference between "I have a body," and "I am a body," you can use your Light for the benefit of all beings.


I am a sincere fan of this magical music

From my perspective, this CD is one of the most original and beautiful electronic releases available today. I can not recommend it highly enough.

The music is unlike anything else out there yet is completely accessible. A friend says her parents just love it and have it on frequent rotation in their living room.

Anahata: The Unmade Sound
"The Unmade Sound" is an impeccably produced album with hyperintelligent melodic architectures. It is an ocean of perfect harmonics, taking listeners deep into melodies of dreamspace long forgotten. This album is a must have for chillout rooms around the world, providing a beautiful soft landing cushion for the morning downtempo environment. It also includes a remix of Shulman's "The Unexpected Visitor". This is the label groups' first release, featuring a taste of the legendary chillout sounds being seeded and grown in the bioregions of British Columbia, Canada. The CD was proudcuced by the Entheogenetic Label Group, deep the heart of the Elphinstone rainforest with design by and cover art by


creativity trumps material wealth

This study of sexual selection found that creativity is more of a factor in attraction than material wealth.

Personally speaking, I admire creative men, however I am not going to "want" someone just because I like their art. While I get excited about music especially, I'm definitely no groupie and won't be putting out just because someone is talented! I'm more interested in someone I can enjoy spending time with, and for me if someone is able to talk music and make music that definitely makes them more appealing. I've released the idea that I'll only date musicians however :)

This study is fascinating however I think it's difficult to measure the whys of attraction. I like the French concept of it being about je ne sais quoi.

Sexual Selection for Cultural Displays
Human culture does not make much sense as a set of survival adaptations shaped by natural selection. Too much of cultural behaviour, such as art, music, ritual, ideology, myth, humour, and story-telling, seems so expensive in terms of time, energy, and practice costs, and so useless for survival. Anthropologists have struggled for a century to find plausible survival functions for such cultural behaviours, and have not succeeded to their general satisfaction. Indeed, the difficulty of finding survival functions for much of human culture has led many cultural anthropologists to abandon evolutionary explanation altogether as irrelevant and distracting.

This pessimism is misplaced, because it ignores the astonishing revival of Darwin’s sexual selection theory in biology over the last two decades. That revival has not been taken seriously by cultural theorists, but it seems to offer their best hope for a fruitful connection with human evolutionary psychology. Human culture makes a great deal of sense as a set of courtship adaptations shaped by sexual selection through mate choice. The costs and aesthetics of cultural behaviour that make it so inexplicable in survival terms make it perfect as a set of reliable fitness indicators that help advertise one’s superiority over sexual competitors. This hypothesis offers a natural way of explaining the distinctive age and sex patterns of human cultural production.


sometimes it’s good to fail a test

I have been offering copy editing services as part of my professional services and was thrilled to recently find a new unsolicited client who had found my site online.

She sent me a first document to review and I sent it back, confident that I'd done a great job. It turns out it was a test and I missed a few spelling and other errors.

The first thought that came to mind was, "Yay, I don't really want to do that anyway!" I sent her a thank you note as I was planning on pursuing clients in that area and now will NOT be doing so.

I know my information "distilling" skills are super valuable however I am still defining how I want to use them to help others. I'd really like something that helps me learn more about music or the media.

I have work happening until June or so (it's a grant funded contract that may or may not be extended) and after that it's all unknown. It seems as if unexpected change and unsteady pay is the new normal. I am aware that this is what I have chosen. At least it's not boring :)


honestly now

Last night I saw Phil Teertha Mistlberger speak on "The Healing and Transformation of Emotions." He is a spiritual teacher who has done a lot of exploring both spirtually and in psychology. I liked his message of the importance of cultivating both present moment awareness and ruthless self-honesty. His words around seeing the "innocence" in anyone we've got a conflict with were powerful too.

He was quite a presence (the audience was full of energetic entities as well) and I am still reeling from the experience. I've uncovered a lot of very old anger and frustration inside that I didn't know I was holding on to in the past few weeks, and letting it go has been both painful and rewarding. It's not always pleasant however I know I'm in the process of making really excellent progress.

Blessings to all on their energetic and emotional journeys this stormy Spring...