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props to one of my heroes

Here is part of why I love Jon Stewart and would love to talk media with him someday. He obviously knows a thing or two :)

Jon Stewart: Journalist or Comedian?
Nearly one in four adults aged 18 to 29 get their election news from watching “The Daily Show” or NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Young people who watched “The Daily Show” scored higher on a campaign knowledge test than network news viewers and newspaper readers. All late-night comedy viewers scored higher than network viewers. “Daily Show” viewers scored higher than both.

“Literally no one upheld the honor better of what remains of the media than did this ‘fake news’ comedian. He is our leader. How pathetic is that?”
Eric Alterman for The Nation

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  1. and the punchline at the end of the article…

    KURTZ: So you don’t, you’re not confusing yourself with a quote “real journalist”?
    STEWART: No. You guys are…
    KURTZ: You’re just making fun…
    STEWART: You guys are confusing yourselves with real journalists.

    I do love so very much the quick of wit.

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