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lunar influence

The study referred to below found that the moon does in fact affect human behaviour, though they're not fully sure why or how.

I've talked to people who have worked in emergency rooms that claim Full Moon nights are generally more eventful than others. There is much anecdotal evidence out there that seems to say something is definitely going on.

How the Moon Rules Your Life
For eons, folklore has blamed the Moon for everything from lunacy to bad luck. And, for the last few centuries, scientists have scoffed. Now, according to new research they're not so sure. The Moon may not be made of cheese, but it seems to influence a lot more down on Earth than we previously thought.

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  1. To quote someone famous:

    The plural of the word “anecdote” is not “data”.

    For a media reporter one good anecdote trumps 10 scientific studies. What is perhaps more interesting than how the moon affects one’s life is the mechanism that insinuates myth and folklore into our collective consciousness and why this might offer a selective survival advantage particularly since the folklore is usually wrong.

    Or looked at from another perspective…Almost everything and I mean everything that Abe Lincoln “knew” about his physical world was either wrong or very primitive compared to what you know and understand about this world, this universe. Even knowing how ignorant and wrong theoried his views were I would still like to go back to 1860 and spend an evening listening to him and asking him questions.

    Here’s an interesting web page that discusses the full moon phenomema in a bit more detail.

    I don’t wish to imply that the scientific method has been a frequent visitor to my own belief structure/decision making processes. I’m highly suggestably linked to the last thing I heard and make most decisions based on the 5 second visceral intuition model. One advantage of investing little of one’s time and energy into life’s important decisions is that it’s very easy to make another decision once I’ve seen that I’m totally wrong.

    Just kidding!

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