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Product reviews and recommendations on the Internet are suspect because often they're written by representatives of the companies that make said products.

Here's an example of how advertisers have realized that YES people do actually read blogs: paying bloggers to post favourable things as hidden advertising.

I do admit to pushing books from time to time but I will never participate in any of the "opportunties" this company offers...

Pay Per Post
Advertisers create an account by making an initial deposit via credit card or PayPal. After your account is created, you are free to create "Opportunities" in our system. Think of an Opportunity as a posting on a bulletin board specifically for bloggers who are willing to be paid for posting content.

The Opportunity you create tells the blogger what you want him/her to post about. You can require the blogger to add photos to their post, write about experiences with your product; the possibilities are up to your imagination.

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  1. So you really weren’t taking money under the table from the NDMA* for your previous Post?

    I hope the crocuses, daffodils and cherry trees are blossoming all around your little seaside town.

    *National Dandelion Marketing Association

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