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keeping the heart open

I really appreciate all the readers who post comments regularly here. Today I want to especially thank the Billdozer for his comments on the how to help post because the words below have helped me a lot lately.

One of the things that was stressed to me when attending seminary (yeah, I went to seminary) was that when we look at others we have trouble seeing the "true" person becuz we are looking through eyes that have been clouded with judgment, fear, doubt, and a host of other negative things that we experience.

BUT, when we look at people through the eyes of God we can see a the true person as they are seen by God.... this is hard to do some times.... but with practice it gets easier.

Other star commentators are Phil, Peter, Satori, my Mom, the delightful OPS, and of course "anonymous."

/love you all


"letting go of the emotional charge around conflict and trauma"

I recently met an interesting female medical doctor named Nelie Johnson who works with a healing modality called Total Biology.

Words and Suffering
It is said that, at the origin of every illness, the person suffers an emotional shock experienced in isolation (the person does not share what he is feeling within his circle of intimacy) and the person thinks about it incessantly. This creates a constant increase in stress levels that puts the person's life at risk. When this stress becomes too great on the cerebral level, the brain reacts by triggering illness. At the same time, the psycho-emotive preoccupation of the conflict escapes into the subconscious so that the person forgets it.

What is Total Biology? (transcribed from printout)
With Total Biology, one comes to realize that healing is not a miracle but rather the natural outcome of the work of healing - bringing awareness to what one has truly lived emotionally and resolving or letting go the emotional charge around conflict and trauma.

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preparing for takeoff into the great Unknown

vessel clearing
now perspective anchoring
will alignment strengthening
one heart opening
light entering

mantra du jour:

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sound decision

today I release
seeking the right person
and embrace
becoming the right person


healing through moving together

Tonight I participated in one of the Dances of Universal Peace. These events combine versions of sacred song and dance from different religious traditions with an emphasis on simple steps and melodies so that all can join in.

Almost every culture has folk dance traditions in which everyone in the community (of all ages) would have participated. This is something that seems innately human but is often lacking from the modern life experience.

It was uplifting and a bit of an energetic tune up! This week I've realized how important healing music is and will be in my life. Stay tuned for more on that...

Dances of Universal Peace
From the beginning of time, sacred movement, song and story have brought people together - at times of seasonal ceremony and celebration, as part of everyday life and life passages, in daily renewal and meditation, etc... The Dances of Universal Peace are part of this timeless tradition of Sacred Dance.

As in these timeless mystic traditions, the Dances use simple music, lyrics, and movements to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and others. No musical or dance experience of any kind is required and everyone is welcomed to join in. Participation, not presentation, is the focus. No special attire is required, although comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is best. Participants join hands forming a circle with the Dance leader and other musicians in the center. Throughout the evening, the leader teaches the group the words, melody, and movements for the next Dance and often provides some background history about that particular Dance. The teaching is always done from a compassionate heart in a comfortable, quiet, and often sacred setting.

The movements and songs drawn from over 400 Dances include themes of peace (both inner and outer), healing (the Earth, individuals, and the global family), and the celebration of life's great mystery. Dancers focus on peace and harmony creating a sense of solidarity and community while celebrating the underlying unity of all the spiritual traditions of the Earth. By experiencing these many traditions, a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures, as well as one's own heritage, is gained.


don’t take this personally…

In the past week I've realized there were several characters in my life who thought I didn't like them because I didn't say hi once or acted grumpy (or however it appeared) who I never meant to ignore or be rude to. Oftentimes, I'm distracted or in my head and that's not a personal insult.

I know I have some rough edges, however I am working at developing my social graces.

I am often surprised at how easily some choose to take offense while others let almost anything roll off their back. I am forgiving because we all have our times when we don't know how to act or always say the right things though. I am also forgiving of others who display negativity towards me & do my best to treat them as new the next time I encounter them.

Some of the gentle people need to toughen up and some of the tough people need to gentle up :)

Here's a quote from one of the books I'm currently reading, Ken Keyes Junior's 1975 new age classic, Handbook to Higher Consciousness:

You add suffering to the world
just as much when you take offense
as when you give offense.


how to help

If there is someone you love
that you worry about
because they're not living up to their potential
or doing what you think they should be doing
or whatever

(this is important)

imagine them smiling and glad
bathed in light
hold them in your heart
and send love

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if my words ever sound wise
know it's not me saying it
(the words come through me)
all this advice is really for myself
and in practice
I'm a beginner

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extranormal investigations

Yesterday there was a buzz on the Internet about it being a Cosmic Trigger day in which energies on Earth would be at a high level and all kinds of interesting rearrangements would occur.

This is trippy stuff, but prophecies are nothing new. Why did this one get so many people so excited that it was forwarded around to literally millions of people?

Did something actually happen and if so did it really have anything to do with ETs or was it just the collective energy of those expecting something?

I offer no answers, but I do love the idea that there might be benevolent aliens out there helping us evolve so we can join the greater Universal Federation :)

/the real Prime Directive is Love

Cosmic Trigger Event
In the great game of creation, you are a wayshower...

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strength through gentleness

instead of scolding for lingering on past memories or future speculations
as in, "oops I messed up because I'm supposed to live in the now"
sending love to that time
(thus releasing the anchors)
and tenderly bringing the self back to presence

/takes practice