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I've decided to start spelling Margot with a t.

I like having the word argot in there and I'm a bit of a Francophile...



atypical woman seeks post-average man

The paragraph below comes from a Maclean's article called "Fears of a Clown: Why Men are Scared Off by Funny Women" (Oct 31, 2005) and it made me laugh.

In recent studies, men and women are in complete agreement that, when it comes to choosing a romantic partner, a good sense of humour is crucial. The twist is in how the two genders define this quality. According to a new McMaster University study, a typical woman believes a good sense of humour is the ability to "generate" high-quality humour (i.e. to make her laugh.) Conversely, the average man defines it as a woman's ability to "appreciate" his particular brand of humour (i.e. to laugh at his jokes.) "We found that men don't care at all about women's humour production," says psychology professor Sigal Balshine, a co-author of the study.

Though I don't generally go for generalizations about people based on gender, I thought this was interesting & would like to hear some male feedback in the comments...


a new way of using the voice

speaking less
saying more

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fill in the blank

And ________ too is Perfect.

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choosing the charmed life

joy is
checking your lottery numbers
seeing that none of them matched the draw
and realizing
oh yeah
I've already won

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cut the crap

This quote from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (a book that's on my wishlist hint hint) really stuck with me when I encountered it yesterday.

I can definitely tell you from experience that it's true.

When you are complaining you become a living, breathing crap magnet.

I am now hereby on a quest to stop complaining as my life is actually quite charmed and awesome (and becomes more so as I focus on that fact.)

Give it a try, it's profound shit.

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New Forms Festival

This week I'll be working some shifts at the New Forms Festival in Vancouver. I'm looking forward to connecting with some interesting artists!

A lot of the events are free & I encourage Vancouver people to check it out.

New Forms Festival
New Forms Media Society is a non-profit society and media arts organization founded in 2000 that nurtures and connects local and international arts, science and grassroots communities through the annual New Forms Festival. By promoting Canadian Artists in collaboration with the international arts and technology world, the NFF facilitates multimodal art works and engages in discussion on their role in our cultural environment. Since its inception, an integral element of the NFF is the recognition of independent and groundbreaking artists; the NFF aims to showcase and increase awareness of these artists and their work within our community and beyond by promoting them within a larger milieu. The NFF is part of a larger, international, multi-media festival movement, which explores the ever changing and evolving world of art and creates a platform for artistic growth. The society wishes to make new media art, music, film, technology base-based installation and performance accessible to a wider audience.


visual music & ancient letters

As part of the reactivation of my music education, I'm getting very interested in Cymatics, or the study of wave pheonomena and frequencies. Sound, light, and matter are all made up of frequencies and are very interrelated. I am fasincated by the implications.

Here's a link to an interesting video demonstration.

Here's a tidbit related to the written word:

The Structure and Dynamics of Waves and Vibrations
With the help of iron filings, mercury, viscous liquids, plastic-like substances and gases, he investigated the three-dimensional aspects of the effect of vibration.
In his research with the tonoscope, Jenny noticed that when the vowels of the ancient languages of Hebrew and Sanskrit were pronounced, the sand took the shape of the written symbols for these vowels, while our modern languages, on the other hand, did not generate the same result! How is this possible? Did the ancient Hebrews and Indians know this? Is there something to the concept of "sacred language," which both of these are sometimes called? What qualities do these "sacred languages," among which Tibetan, Egyptian and Chinese are often numbered, possess?

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Earthdance weekend!

Earthdance is a global network of parties being held this weekend for Peace in hundreds of places all over the world, from clubs in New York to the Rainforests of Brazil.

In Vancouver, it's a daytime party on Saturday the 16th in beautiful Stanley Park being held from Noon to 7 PM. (@ Ceperley Park near 2nd Beach) and I *highly* recommend it. It's kid and dog friendly (my favourite party atmosphere) and the music will be stellar. Donations will be accepted (all proceeds go to local charities) but there is no admission charge.

This will be my 3rd Vancouver Earthdance and I am very enthusiastic about this event. It is pure joy and the crowd is wonderfully friendly. I especially enjoy it when wide eyed people who were just wandering the park discover it. Come introduce yourself to me if you go!

For the closest Earthdance to you, visit the Earthdance International homepage. Each event has its own flavour and proceeds go to local charities. There's also something magical about the fact that hundreds of thousands of other people are dancing with you all over the Earth.

Earthdance Vancouver 2005

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training the self

I spent the first 33 years of my life completely clueless that what we think about mattered in any way. It was difficult to discover that my inner criticism was having an impact on my life & the lives of those around me. Though I still have work to do in this area, it's good news that I am now implementing changes.

An important key has been accepting that this personality trait exists, even as it is being phased out. Criticising the self about criticising the self becomes a ridiculous downward spiral. We all do it to some extent, it's part of being human. Acceptance is key.

The articles below had some useful insight. I discovered them via the powerful Metamorphosis: Tools for Transformation weekly newsletter.

Transform Your Negative Self-Talk
Your thoughts have a powerful effect on you. They affect your attitude, your physiology, and your motivation to act. Your negative thoughts actually control your behavior. They can make you stutter, spill things, forget your lines or breathe shallowly.
Negative thoughts affect your body negatively, weakening you. Positive thoughts affect your body in a positive way, making you more relaxed, centered and alert. It is your job to control and master your thoughts. You are 100% responsible.

Suffer from anxiety and panic?
When we try too hard to do ANYTHING, it seems to slip further from reach. This applies to ridding oneself of unwanted thoughts. The more you "try" to push them away, the longer they linger and the stronger their impact. When we welcome, yes actually embrace, unwanted thoughts, they lose their significance and quickly diminish. When you impose a false sense of importance upon a thought, it will often appear more serious than it deserves.

Time is a great healer, especially concerning this condition. I allowed them to flow in and flow out and I didn't react. When I did this, I noticed the scary thoughts seem to lose their scary edge. Stop fighting them, just say: come if you wish, I am ready for you. Do not be thrown by these symptoms or this experience. Once you begin to recover, the mind and body settle down and these overwhelming thoughts disappear, along with the anxiety condition.

Don't ever think, "I must not think that". Let all thoughts come, do not run away from any of them. See them for what they are - thoughts - exaggerated because of the way you feel. They can do you no harm and they mean nothing. They won't be around when you recover, so pay them no respect.