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science & innovation

I'm currently reading John Ott's 1973 book Health and Light as part of a research project on the subject of how light affects human health. Light is as important to life as food & water!

I personally believe that too much exposure to fluorescent and other artificial lights are a factor in many human ailments, including cancer. Unfortunately, this idea is still considered strange (even after over 30 years of research) and few scientists are willing to put their energy and effort behind controversial ideas that might affect their funding or academic reputation. Also, no pharmaceutical company would profit from light therapy like they do from drug therapy.

Here's a passage from the chapter "Routine Opposition to New Ideas as Standard Procedure" (a clever title indeed):

Some recalled that scientists like Pasteur, Fleming, and Goddard would never have qualified for research funds during the early development of their great discoveries: something must be wrong with our present scientific approach to anything that is new or different from existing conjectures dealing with unsolved problems -- problems like cancer. A reexamination of present policies might be in order, in connection with the much publicized appeals for vast sums of money for cancer research in order that "not a single possibility be neglected."


women in business

Being a woman in business is not the same as being a man. Despite many gains in womens rights over the past few decades (thanks to the elders who worked for it!) there are still differences in how we're treated, judged, paid, and promoted.

The book She Wins, You Win focuses on the idea that women need to cooperate with one another at work instead of competing and the importance of older women mentoring younger ones. I found it to mostly to be about the corporate environment (which is not my focus of interest) but I really like what she says below.

It doesn't matter where you are-- corporate business, education, or law. It doesn't matter whether you work for the largest company on the Fortune 500, you're a freelance journalist, or you own your own business. We women are stuck.

It's time to stop doing it as individuals and do it together. By working on the same team we will find ways to attain our fair share of power and impact the system. Eventually we'll reach a point where we won't feel we have to work twice as hard as the guys to achieve the same reward.

Just as the right to vote and the right to own property didn't come until we demanded it, equal access to capital and the inner circles of power will not come until we are a united force.

Join the women's team. Whether you like it or not, as far as the men are concerned, if you were born with XX chromosomes, you're already on it. It doesn't matter whether you work for a large corporation or you're a one-woman shop. You might as well become an active player. You may be surprised by all the rewards you will reap.


margo’s metaphysical diet tips (depravation is unnecessary)

give up the comparing yourself to others game

make food choices around wanting to be healthy instead of because your butt is too wide, etc.

reject diet trends and newspaper advice on what to eat

each of us has different nutritonal needs
there is no one "healthy diet" that will work for everyone
figure out what natural foods make your unique body feel good

sit down, relax, chew slowly, and enjoy each bite with your full attention when you eat

stop thinking of your favourite "bad" foods as "junk food" and instead think of them as "treats"
enjoy each bite
do not feel guilty after
(relax, Heaven says no dessert is actually "sinful")

and most importantly
stop thinking about what's wrong with your body
start loving it with an attitude of gratitude
and watch it respond

Does Mind Over Body Healing Work?"
Diseases are burdens on biology. Human intellect and human body organs are integral parts of the human condition. To separate them, as Socrates lamented, is to negate the completeness of the human condition.

Our technology has rendered irrelevant the debate on the psychosomatic and somatopsychic nature of diseases. Advances in behavioural biology and experimental psychology have put these two disciplines on a collision course; a complete merger between the two is simply a matter of time.

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if this makes sense to you, congratulations

in my mind
this is some of the most important intel
learned here in the land of high teachers and co:edutainment

so listen up

though I am a simple beginner
this is sharing itself
please be considerate and
drop the skeptical shit for like at least 5 minutes
give this idea a try
and you might find out why

fear creates depression creates the downward spiral
this is what's wrong on Earth today

ha ha
depression is not a disease
it's programming

there's a reason what's on TV is called programming!
when reality seems so much more scary than it really is
and everyone's focusing on the fear
it grows

and the rich get richer

when you're afraid
fear multiplies
your experience reflects that
scarier and scarier indeed

pills can deliver insensitivity to the truth but don't change it

free yourself

focusing on the positive is of primary importance
(cheer up, this is good news once grasped)

your mood in the moment energizes what happens next
for you and everyone around you
(self-mastery as social responsibility)

because in this electromagnetronic Earth game
creating a happy life isn't selfish
it's energetically essential

fear & hate create chaos
(globally and locallly)
choose courage
choose peace
choose love


if someone says their way is "the only way" this is a sign

just because someone taught you how to pray
doesn't mean they're right about everything
or have your best interests at heart
there's no monopoly
on divine access

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eccentric allies

When I said I was weird
one wise man said, "If you insist!"
while another insisted, "The word for you is rare!"


American politicians who could save the world choose greed, fear, and personal comfort

The US Government is working on drafting changes to the Endangered Species Act, many of which are actually designed to help business make more money (this is not about creating jobs here, ok?) and will weaken animal protections.

I am not an animal rights activist & I eat meat. However, the fact that more and more species are dying out every year combined with the fact that we are part of an interconnected web of life (what we do to them we do to ourselves) is an indication that weakening these laws is a bad idea.

If you want to help sign up for the mailing list below! I especially encourage Americans to get involved.

Save our Species Alliance
The first step to making a difference in the debate over and future of the Endangered Species Act is to be informed. We encourage you to use all of the resources on this website to inform yourself about the ESA and how it impacts citizens. The next step is to speak out. Talk to your family, co-workers and neighbors. If you are concerned about the failure of the ESA to recover species and the negative impact it has on everyday citizens, then so should the people around you!

Use the materials below to aid you in your effort to get involved and to inform others about the importance of updating the ESA.


amplifying what works

Here's an article I found the other day that explains a smart approach to solving problems that I'd like to see more of in this world.

This is a more sensible idea than the "our efforts aren't working so let's throw more money & time into doing the same thing we've always done" method.

Positive Deviant
Faced with a difficult task and an impossible time frame, Sternin reached for an unconventional solution: amplifying positive deviance. "We call conventional wisdom about malnutrition 'true but useless,' or 'TBU,' " says Sternin, sitting high above White Pond, not far from Walden Pond, near Boston. Sternin is on one of his brief stays at his home in the United States before he returns to his work with Save the Children in Myanmar. "It's all about poor sanitation, ignorance, food-distribution patterns, poverty, and a lack of access to good water. Millions of kids can't wait for those issues to be addressed. While you are there, things improve, but as soon as you leave, things revert back to the baseline. Nothing has changed. The solutions are yours. The resources are yours. When you leave, everything else leaves with you."

When Sternin and his wife first arrived in Vietnam, nearly half of the country's children were malnourished. The TBU model simply wouldn't work -- not in the six months that they had to make a difference. Half in desperation, half in inspiration, Sternin turned to the theory of amplifying positive deviance: In every community, organization, or social group, there are individuals whose exceptional behaviors or practices enable them to get better results than their neighbors with the exact same resources. Without realizing it, these "positive deviants" have discovered the path to success for the entire group -- that is, if their secrets can be analyzed, isolated, and then shared with the rest of the group.


defasci:nation (note to self)

ironically (sometimes)
to effectively "do something"
about the dark
requires us
to do nothing about it
go about our business
to simply
stop focusing on it

why fuel the fire?

That which you struggle against thrives on your resistance to it. -- The Mayan Oracle

Evil in others feeds off the evil it finds in us. Fear and doubt are sources of the dark energy. If we hold perseveringly to neutrality, evil becomes exhausted and dies. -- Carol K. Anthony's Guide to the I-Ching (Hexagram 23 "Splitting Apart")


moderating comments

I have started moderating the comments that appear on this site because I like to read them all, and occasionally some come through that I choose not to include.

I am open to some "negative" comments too, but will probably delete the "you're crazy" ones (especialy if they're from "Anonymous.") I invite everyone (even those who are really crazy, like Americans who think the President actually has their best interests in mind) to start debate, but without personal insults and profanity please.

Though some may call this "censorship" I see it more like letters to the editor. No one complains if the newspaper doesn't publish every single one ;)

In general I love comments & encourage you to leave them. I also appreciate signing your name (or a clever alias.) There are some very good writers among you.