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music continues to evolve

I enjoy the "Electrique" online radio station on Netmusique. I'm not fully up on the past & current "who's who" in electronic music, but I've found a lot of things I really liked here.

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for American parents who worry about war

Part of the Bush Administration's so-called "No Child Left Behind" act is a requirement for schools to provide lists of names & addresses of students to military recruiters. Here's a link to the act and more information about what parents can do to opt their children out, as well as a story about a new ad campaign aimed at parents.

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
(1) ACCESS TO STUDENT RECRUITING INFORMATION- Notwithstanding section 444(a)(5)(B) of the General Education Provisions Act and except as provided in paragraph (2), each local educational agency receiving assistance under this Act shall provide, on a request made by military recruiters or an institution of higher education, access to secondary school students names, addresses, and telephone listings.

Leave My Child Alone
The Pentagon has developed a database of 30 million 16-25-year-olds, including name, address, email addresses, cell phone numbers, ethnicity, social security numbers and areas of study. This database is updated daily and distributed monthly to the Armed Services for recruitment purposes. You may "opt out" of this list by sending in the form generated through Leave My Child Alone, and your child's information will be moved to a "suppression file." The Pentagon retains the information, but does not release it.

Uncle Sam Wants Your Parents ... to let you enlist
To me, the older guy looks like Mr. Middle America, with his denim jacket and his steely glint. He doesn't seem too worried about the risk of bodily harm to his kid (never mind the moral underpinnings of the war). He's far more interested in his son's improved handshake etiquette. The Army will mold your boy into a stand-up guy with a manly bearing, the ad seems to say, and what could be more important than that?

It all comes together in the fascinating tag line: "Help them find their strength." The Army has at last been repositioned as a finishing school. You've done the best you can, Mom and Dad, but it's time let the service raise him right.

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random words, just for fun

The act of getting guidance by asking a question and then randomly choosing a passage out of a book is known as stichomancy. I've done this for years but just learned there was a word for it. If you don't have an adequate library for this at home, you can try it online!

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words before an epic journey towards a beautiful future

The world has always been
a balance of "good" and "evil"
yin yang style
always good and bad life experiences to be had
(realities differ greatly, even among close neighbours)
but it's more of a spectrum
we're all grey wizards
(some more aware & refined than others)
every word
every thought
sends an energetic charge back to you
zapping ripples across our collective reality on its travels
right now is an intense time
everything is accelerating
and even though Television focuses on the bad
it's only bad if you believe it is
and the good is just as deliciously epic
(if you know where to look)

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we are all made of Earth

Every change made to our ecosystem affects every other thing within that system, including animals, plants, and humanity.

Banff food web shows sharp differences without wolves
Since wolves feed on elk, the number of herbivores jumped without the predators. Elk populations were 10 times as high in the low-wolf area compared to where many wolves roamed, the team found.
"Where there's lot of elk, it's like a lawnmower's gone through and mowed everything down," Hebblewhite said. "There's no young aspen."

Logging roads bad for caribou: outfitter
Outfitters say the island's caribou population is being disrupted by an increase in logging roads.
Wayne Holloway, an outfitter in Terra Nova, says there is evidence that new roads are going deeper into the forest and are destroying caribou habitat.

American Babies Born Polluted, Study Says
"Of the 287 chemicals we detected in umbilical-cord blood, we know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests," the report said.

"These 10 newborn babies ... were born polluted," said House Democrat Louise Slaughter of New York, who is leading the charge in Congress to hold chemical producers more accountable to higher standards. "If ever we had proof that our nation's pollution laws aren't working, it's reading the list of industrial chemicals in the bodies of babies who have not yet lived outside the womb," Slaughter added.


supply and demand

If someone's willing to pay this much for something, that's what it's worth...

I love the fact that The Beatles are still this big!

Lennon lyrics sell for $1.3M
A handwritten lyric sheet of the Beatles song All You Need is Love has sold for about $1.3 million at an auction of rock music memorabilia, which focused on John Lennon.