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why are so many kids allergic to peanuts now?

It's pretty obvious that peanut allergies have gone up in recent years. Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches were a staple of my childhood in the 70s and 80s but now enough kids have problems with them that many schools ban them completely because peanut allergies can be so severe.

I suspect it has to do with dubious ingredients that are put into vaccines, due to the fact this allergy is more common in "industrialized" nations than in "less developed" ones and the fact it came on so suddenly. I could be wrong though, and researchers are busy trying to develop a peanut allergy vaccine. Only time will tell what the side effects of that will be...

Going Nuts: Why Are So Many Kids Allergic?
More than one million Americans are severely allergic to nuts (that is, exposure will lead to anaphylaxis). The state of New Jersey is treating peanut allergies as a serious public health issue, spending $250,000 to educate restaurant workers about the dangers of nuts and how and why to take inquiries from patrons about the content of food seriously. But while the public is becoming more aware of food allergies in general, what is not clear is why nut allergies have become such a severe and prevalent problem, particularly among children.

Autism, Allergy, Asthma and Vaccine Induced Autoimmunity
Why the "surge" in anaphylactic children entering school a decade ago? These children were among the first to receive an additional vaccination, Hib meningitis. Is it possible that the Pertussis and Hib vaccine, both shown below to cause allergic responses, are creating a hypersensitive immune system in some children? Has any study looked into what happens to atopy incidence and IgE levels when 5 vaccines are given concurrently in infants?

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  1. I have thought about this for a few years, and although I had not given the toxin side of the issue any consideration, I do have a theory.

    My theory is that now we can save people who have this allergy and may pass it on to future generations. Now bear in mind that I am not any kind of expert about this, but I think that in the past the people who were allergic to peanuts just died without any chance of help. Remember that before Dr Carver (?) the world considered peanuts to be poisonous. Suddenly they are considered food and more people are exposed to them.

    We can save people from anaphylaxis now, but not always.

    I guess, now that I’m writing about it, that there are several factors. More exposure as nut oils are used more and more in the food industry (and in some cases to keep dust down on dirt roads), more people perhaps passing on the allergy, and then perhaps reduced immune systems due to toxins in the environment. Oh, and let’s not forget increased communications, we hear about it much more now.

  2. people were always allergic, they just didn’t know their problem came from peanuts. i was diagnosed with asthma, till i discovered my allergies. also, certain food combinations can be real bad.

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