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scandals of the past

A former FBI man has come forward and admitted to being the anonymous source who told journalists about the Watergate scandal!

Though this is an interesting development, compared to Iran-Contra and Halliburton Watergate now seems old-timey and quaint as far as political scandals go!

Former FBI official claims to be 'Deep Throat'
W. Mark Felt, a former deputy associate director of the FBI has been identified as "Deep Throat," according to an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

Felt, who lives in Santa Rosa, Calif., has long been suspected of being the anonymous source used by the Washington Post to break the Watergate scandal, leading to former U.S. president Richard Nixon's resignation in 1974.

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a cure for creative stagnation

When I decided
to dedicate my
Self to my own
integrity only
then could the
Muse move back
where she goes

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"freedom" TeeVee

The United States government is now producing a television station for the citizens of Iraq. I wonder how this will go over...

Your tax dollars at work!

Good Morning Iraq: US Sponsored Television in the Middle East is "Cheaper than an Invasion",1518,357110,00.html
Al-Hurra means "the free one" in Arabic. The station is intended to function as a counterweight to the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera network -- the voice of the Arab world -- which routinely portrays the United States as a hated and suspect global power. At least this is how America interprets the station -- and that's why the Bush administration has created Al-Hurra.

Al-Hurra's headquarters are located in a two-story brick building about 20 miles outside of Washington, DC. Most of the office buildings on Boston Boulevard in Springfield, Virginia, are occupied by companies involved in the US aviation and defense industry. Al-Hurra leases its offices from Boeing.


hunger & politics

There are many reasons that responsible leaders should avoid war whenever possible. Here's one of the bigger ones...

Armed conflicts leading cause of world hunger emergencies
The number and scale of conflict-related food security emergencies is increasing, the report warned. "The proportion of food emergencies that can be considered human-made has increased over time. Conflict and economic problems were cited as the main cause of more than 35 percent of food emergencies between 1992 and 2003, compared to around 15 percent in the period from 1986 to 1991."

UN Monitor: War on Iraq Has Doubled Malnutrition Among Iraqi Children
Acute malnutrition rates among Iraqi children under five rose late last year to 7.7 per cent from four per cent after the ouster of President Saddam Hussein in April 2003, said Jean Ziegler, the UN Human Rights Commission's special expert on the right to food.
Acute malnutrition signifies a child is actually wasting away.

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all life on Earth depends on the Sun

For decades, skin "experts" have been telling us to slather on the sunscreen and avoid the sun as if it were some kind of poison. I'm glad to see that this unnatural advice (largely propagated by the sunscreen industry) is being challenged.

Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer
Repeated sunburns — especially in childhood and among redheads and very fair-skinned people — have been linked to melanoma, but there is no credible scientific evidence that moderate sun exposure causes it, Holick contends.

"The problem has been that the American Academy of Dermatology has been unchallenged for 20 years," he says. "They have brainwashed the public at every level."

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thinking vs. doing

My friend Mike in Toronto is the most amazing mechanical genius I know. He's a mad scientist type who works freelance as an inventor and special effects robotics technician in the movies. He can essentially build or fix anything, even if you've lost the manual. He has inspired me and given me courage in my career, and is always available for really helpful advice. He once joked that he should have a 1-900 number.

He also said one of the wisest things I've heard,

95% of creativity is in the implementation.

Now there's a useful gem I sometimes forget to Remember!

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food & "ecoliteracy" education

Here's an organization that is doing some really good work in America. I would like to see more of an emphasis on organic (aka the way nature intended) food, but this is a great start. The site includes info (and funding opportunities) for people wanting to start similar programs in their local schools!

Farm to School
Farm to School programs are popping up all over the U.S. These programs connect schools with local farms with the objectives of serving healthy meals in school cafeterias, improving student nutrition, providing health and nutrition education opportunities that will last a lifetime, and supporting local small farmers.


suspend the skepticism and have fun!

I discovered this site in my website statistics logs, as it's sending quite a bit of traffic to my site! It's a good source for interesting links about things like, "Did Jesus Smoke Pot?"
News that shatters the ice of our unconscious!

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a modern workplace problem

I find this document amusing, both because of its subject matter & because of the fact a major corporation paid someone to create it!

HP Guide to Avoiding Info Mania
Are you an Info-Maniac?
Do you feel anxious if you haven't checked your voicemail or email for a few hours?
Does the thought of turning your email off for any length of time make you feel out of the loop?
Are you the person on the train who calls the office every 10 minutes to check messages and give your ETA?


happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! I have so much respect for women who put their all into raising their kids. It's not always easy in the modern world (and no one's mother is perfect) but it's important to take the time to appreciate the gifts our mothers gave us.

I have noticed that all children sing and dance around until they are told not to, usually either in the context of "growing up" or some related nonsense. I would like to thank my Mom for never telling me to stop. My ability to feel a state of flow while free-form dancing has brought me much joy and saved my sanity on numerous occasions.

A few years ago, at the crossroads of a major decision in my life, she told me to "err on the side of joy and adventure." So wise!

Word to the mothers!

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